New Dark Web Research from Kaspersky Lab Reveals the Price of Consumers’ Digital Identities

Woburn, MA – November 5, 2018 – another examination from Kaspersky Lab explored dark web markets to decide how much cash cybercriminals can make by selling purchasers’ very own information on the web. The exploration uncovered that crooks could sell somebody’s finished advanced life for under $50, including individual information taken from web-based life, financial balances, gaming websites, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

While numerous individuals have known about, or even succumbed to, cybercrimes, for example, information and wholesale fraud, generally not many know the genuine estimation of the data that can be taken. In spite of the fact that the resale estimation of individual information is generally low, cybercriminals can even now put it to utilize and cause critical issues for casualties. People whose information has been taken could lose cash, face a harmed notoriety, be held subject for the obligation that another person caused in their name, or even be blamed for wrongdoing that another person has submitted utilizing their way of life as a spread.

Through its examination, Kaspersky Lab scientists found that lawbreakers despite everything have a craving for individual information taken from well-known administrations, regardless of whether it doesn’t accompany a significant expense tag. For under $50, hoodlums can sell an individual’s finished advanced life on the dark web, including information from penetrated web-based life accounts; banking subtleties; far off access to workers or work areas; information from mainstream administrations like Uber, Netflix, and Spotify; and records for gaming websites, dating applications, and pornography websites, which may store charge card data.
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The scientists likewise found that the cost paid for a solitary penetrated account is even lower, with most records selling for about $1 each, and hoodlums offering limits for purchasing in mass. Curiously, a few lawbreakers selling information give their purchasers a “lifetime guarantee,” so if a record they have bought quits working, the purchaser will get another record for nothing.

The most widely recognized way lawbreakers take this information, in any case, is through lance phishing efforts or by misusing security weaknesses in a web application’s product. After an effective assault, the criminal will acquire a secret key dump, which contains a blend of email locations and passwords for the hacked administration. With numerous individuals utilizing a similar secret word for a few records, aggressors may likewise have the option to utilize this data to get to accounts on different stages.

“Plainly information hacking is a significant danger to every one of us at both an individual and cultural level in light of the fact that taken information can be utilized for some, odious exercises,” said David Jacoby, a senior security analyst at Kaspersky Lab. “Luckily, there are steps that we can take to forestall this, for example, utilizing cybersecurity programming and monitoring how much information we are parting with for nothing – especially on openly accessible internet based life profiles.’

Buyers can maintain a strategic distance from the danger of having their own information taken by making a few straightforward strides towards more grounded web security:

To remain safe from phishing, consistently watch that the connection address and the sender’s email are certified before clicking anything.

To evade one information spill hurting all your advanced characters, abstain from utilizing a similar secret word for a few websites or administrations. To make solid passwords and without attempting to recollect them, utilize a secret phrase supervisor application like Kaspersky Password Manager.

Utilize a strong security arrangement over the entirety of your gadgets, for example, Kaspersky Security Cloud, which will caution you on the off chance that you endeavor to visit a phishing web page, and forestall malware or adware from being downloaded on your gadget.

To peruse Kaspersky Lab’s full report on the underground market estimation of taken individual information, visit

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