How to Know your Motorcycle Helmet Fit

Whether you are going to replace or purchase a new motorcycle helmet you will have to test to know which one fits well. There are many other features to look at to find the perfect match. Each manufacturer’s helmet fit closely differently. One brand may produce a perfect for round head while other manufacture for oval head shape. Before you enter into your pocket, first examine what previous buyers say about the helmet or at least walk around testing a few to get the best fit for you. The size matters, and it will vary from brand to brand therefore testing a few can help you pick the perfect match of your head.

Most currently manufactured helmets incorporates a design which includes an inner liner made of expandable polystyrene foam to absorb shock. There is an inner liner in the motorcycle helmets that often riders mistake for protective feature and also to provide padding. It plays significant role to provide comfort while riding. The EPS technology foam in the bottom area serves role of giving riders adequate protection for the face and the jaw in case of an accident.

Fit is vital to finding the best helmet for you. In this case, what needs to be fit is the EPS liner and not the comfort liner. A practical measure should be taken above the eyebrows, around the head at the furthest point of the back of your head and goes around. When you are in the market, ensure you always try and check your best pick helmet for fit first. The chin strap should be fastened so that only two fingers can get inside the trap and the head. There must not be any spaces between the top, front, back or side of the head for a perfect fit. But it should not be painfully tight, a moderate fastening is okay for greater results.

A take a way, you should remember; if the helmet moves or slips with rotation, goes up and down then it is not good fit. To test chin strap, measure up by looking down toward your chest and see if the back of the helmet can go upward.

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